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EZY-AS Compression Stocking Applicator

EZY-AS Compression Stocking Applicator


The Compression Stocking Applicator is a unique device designed to assist in the application of compression stockings and garments. The application enables a wide range of compression materials to be applied over the patients leg or arm without drag against fragile skin or disturbing dressings.


EzyAs™ applicators are available in four sizes and colour coded for easy identification.
An optional handle attachment is available to be used with the Ezy-As™ applicator.

The Ezy As Handle allows compression garments to be applied without having to bend down and is great for people with limited mobility.
The handle is designed to fit any size applicator in the EzyAs™ range (one size fits all).

People wear compression stocking aids or socks for many reasons, including improving blood circulation – blood flow, varicose veins, or reducing the risk of DVT and blood clots while flying. Unfortunately, wearing compression socks can be difficult to pull onto your legs, especially if you have arthritis, or a sore knee, ankle or back.

It is easiest to put on graduated compression stockings before you get out of bed, as your legs will have less edema (swelling), and will be clean and dry. You may find applying baby powder might make it is easier to put on your compression socks while you slide. If you are having difficulty grasping the stocking, donning gloves can give you the extra grip you need.

Easy to clean, they apply compression where needed and assist carers of patients with their anti-embolic or garment application needs.

How to put on compression stockings with donner
Compression garments apply firm pressure that makes them harder to put on.

Unlike regular stocking donner doffer, a compression stocking aid can help you put on your properly sized compression stockings by keeping the stocking wide and reducing the amount of compression while you pull the stocking over the foot and heel. This will make the process quicker and reduce the strain placed on your back.

Please Note: Ezy-As™ is an assistive device only.

The unique design of the Ezy-As compression garment applicator has made it possible to assist in the fitting of a wide range of compression garments. For the final positioning on the limb of any such garments, please refer to the information supplied by the garment manufacturer.

To see the Ezy-As in action click on the videos below


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