Underarm Crutch – Lambskin Covers

Genuine lambskin cover for underarm crutches. Velcro fastening.



Genuine Underarm Crutch – lambskin cover for underarm crutches. Velcro fastening. Available in dark grey and black. Sheepskin will reduce rubbing and chafing under the arms, will absorb sweat and reduce the pressure on the armpits. Standard size is for crutches 20cm long, custom sizes available on request. Made in Australia.

Also Available as a set with covers for the hand grip or Just the Handgrip by them selves

Washing Instructions

We recommend only washing the sheepskin when absolutely necessary. The less frequently it is
washed the longer it will retain softness in the wool. For regular maintenance we recommend a
shake outside and some time in sunshine to reduce the presence of dust and dust mites. This should
only be done when the sheepskin is dry.

Hand wash or machine wash on gentle cycle using wool detergent (max water temperature is 80°C).
Hang to dry in shade away from direct sunlight.

Important: Detergent with alkali, hydrogen peroxide, phosphates, bleaches and enzymes should not
be used at any time as they will irreversibly damage the leather of the sheepskin. Use a gentle wool
detergent as you would use for a woollen garment.

Medical sheepskins may also be dry cleaned

For disinfection you can machine wash using the following cycles:

OperationTemperatureTimeCycleWashing Agent
WashWarm Water 30°C20 minGentleWool detergent
WashHot Water Max 80°C6 minGentleNone
RinseCold Water10 minGentleNone


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