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A lightweight bottom wiper with a looped handle, angled shaft and moulded plastic end. Toilet paper is wound around the plastic end and secured into serrated edge. It is designed for frontal use.


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In stock


The Homecraft Standard Bottom Wiper is a convenient product, providing independence into an individual’s life, allowing them to complete a personal task without the assistance of a carer. This product is ideal for those who have limited movement because of injury, age, disability, a medical condition such as arthritis, or any other reason.

The loss of movement can be a physically straining and painful process, although the frustration that comes with not being able to complete once easily doable tasks can be just as irritating. Sometimes allowing someone to help you can work effectively, however adapting your own techniques to a new situation means you maintain dignity when it comes to personal care.

This product contributes to the maintenance of a high level of hygiene and allows you to maintain a level of self-confidence. It is easy to use, with its design ensuring simplicity.

It is a lightweight product, with a moulded plastic head which has recessed serrations, working to securely grip the toilet paper or moist wipes. This design also ensures that the paper is easily removed after use. The curved nature of the handle assists with reach, designed to be used from the front.

  • Length: 265mm (10.5”)
  • Product Weight: 70g

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