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The Contour Turner by Homecraft is a very convenient kitchen aid that assists you with turning taps, knobs, handles and dials. This tap turner is designed to give the proper leverage to help you turn small, difficult items, such as gas cooker knobs, keys, door locks or radiator taps, with ease.

The Contour Tap Turner allows an item to be turned with the whole hand, rather than with just fingers and thumbs.

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The Contour Turner from Homecraft is a tap turner that enables you to easily turn knobs, dials, handles and taps of your appliances. Great arthritis aid!

Rotating small items like taps, switches, controls and knobs on ovens, microwaves, dishwashers or other appliances are not a simple process for someone who struggles with hand movements. Our knob turner will make this task easier.

How does the Contour Turner work?

The head of the Contour Turner contains a bed of sprung stainless steel rods, which, when pressed around an object, retract, conform around its shape, and provide a purchase around it when the handle is turned.

What are the benefits of the Contour Turner?

The handle is an ergonomically-shaped black plastic T-piece, which is very easy to grip and turn with minimal discomfort. It is small enough to be carried around in your pocket or handbag.

This Contour Turner from Homecraft gives people with limited dexterity the independence to operate household appliances.

Who benefits from the Contour Turner by Homecraft?

Individuals with a limited grip in their hands would certainly benefit from the device. F.i. Arthritis, Parkinson’s or stroke patients

Homecraft is the leading distributor of assistive living and rehabilitation products.

  • Enables easy turning of small, fiddly knobs, switches and taps
  • Hand gripping aid for elderly, arthritis and Parkinson’s sufferers
  • Provides good leverage to turn small items like taps, switches and knobs
  • Fits multiple small items
  • Head features a bed of stainless steel rods
  • T-handle made from plastic for enhanced grip
  • Easy to use
  • Effective & convenient household aid
  • Ideal for arthritis, osteoporosis and Parkinson’s sufferers
  • Small, fits in the pocket or bag, ideal to take with you
  • Dimensions: H 9.5 cm  x W 6.4 cm  x D 5cm
  • Width of the head: 6.4 cm
  • Weight: 130 gr
  • Stainless steel rods
  • Plastic Handle


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