Grab Rail – Stainless Steel – Satin

Grab rail accessories and add ons enhance the use of grab rails.

For example, hand shower sliders attached to the grab rails make them great shower grab rails.



32mm Stainless steel grab rail – with concealed fixing flange.

People need grab rail in many instances to hold on or to balance themselves. All too often we don’t even realize when holding on or leaning on these helpful supports.

Occupational therapists prescribe these rails for use in homes to prevent people from falling and to improve mobility. In addition, rails help tremendously during post-surgery recovery and rehabilitation.

The surface finish of satin (brushed finish) stainless steel provides a confidence-inspiring grip. Furthermore, the stainless steel material is corrosion-resistant and is easily cared for.

People select surface finishes according to look, feel, and need.

To that end, a variety of textured, powder-coated (painted ), polished, and knurled and peened rails give the user the required result.

Product CodeDescriptionFinish
AXCS3230032mm x 300mmSatin
AXCS3245032mm x 450mmSatin
AXCS3260032mm x 600mmSatin
AXCS3267532mm x 675mmSatin
AXCS3275032mm x 750mmSatin
AXCS3280032mm x 800mmSatin
AXCS3290032mm x 900mmSatin
AXCS32120032mm x 1200mmSatin


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