Ortho3 Panel Binder – Medium

Primarily designed for abdominal support and compression following surgery of the abdomen, the Ortho3 Panel binder offers the softest material available. Constructed from plush surgical elastic with a graduated design, the multidirectional stretch of the material ensures a snug fit every time. Loop Velcro is sewn onto the binder for fixation to the hook Velcro panel to stop the binder material from puling and fraying. Available in 3 Panel (9”) and 4 Panel (12”) options and 9 different sizes.


  • Abdominal hernias
  • Postoperative care
  • Abdominal sprains & strains
  • C-section

Product highlights

  • Available in 9 different sizes
  • Graduated design for a contoured fit
  • Constructed with high performance fabric
  • Soft on the skin

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The OrthoImmo Shoulder is the world’s most comfortable shoulder immobiliser yet at an economical price. It is constructed with from soft elasticised fabric with premium shoulder, waist straps and pads. Designed with fast release Velcro tabs for easy donning and doffing, the sling area can be easily opened to release the hand periodically to exercise the elbow and wrist without compromising shoulder support and immobilisation.


·       Post-operative shoulder immobilisation

·       Shoulder subluxation

·       Shoulder sprains and strains

·       Clavicle, humours, scapula and radial head fractures

Product highlights

·       Soft elastic material

·       Premium quality straps, pad and thumb slot

·       Quick release design for arm exercise


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