smartCRUTCH Hand Grip Socks Pair

  • Add comfort to your grips
  • Conveniently machine washable, wash one pair while other pair is being used
  • Left and right 100% cotton grip covers are identical and interchangeable.
  • Extra durable
  • These cotton grip covers are always black in color.

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Smart crutch Hand Grip Socks

  • smartCRUTCH™ Wing Pads are supplied as: a set of 4 pads (Suitable for a PAIR of crutches)
  • Compatible with smartcrutch bought before and after Feb 2019.
  • Platform wing cuff foam pads for smartCRUTCH™ SmallMedium and Large models only.

The Wing Cuff Pads are designed to reduce the aperture of the cuff, offer protection against the hard plastic at the top of the cuff and create some resistance to prevent the arm slipping out. The Wing Cuff Pads are a peel and stick backing which is applied on the inside of the cuffs, working as an extension of the Forearm Cuff Back Pad.

See Forearm Winglet Foam Set Instructions


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