SAfeLife – 3G Pendant with GPS Location

SafeLife – 3G Pendant with GPS Location
The help you need when you don’t need help
You want to roam free. But you need security.
The Safe Life mobile pendant lets you have both.

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SafeLife – 3G Pendant with GPS Location

The help you need when you don’t need help

You want to roam free. But you need security.

The Safe Life mobile pendant lets you have both.

It’s like a home alarm system you can take with you, with help on call at the touch of a button.



How it works

Step 1

Simply press the SOS button – no password required.

Step 2

The pendant texts and calls your contacts in the order you want.

Step 3

Your contacts can talk to you through the pendant, just like a phone. They can see exactly where you are, and arrange for help.


Any-time voice calls from anyone as well as outgoing calls to your chosen contact.

SOS button

  • Thumb-print SOS button for easy recognition in the dark or an emergency.
  • SOS button triggers texts and optional voice calls, and shows your GPS location.
  • Accidental SOS voice calls can be cancelled.

Fall detection

  • Advanced fall detection can sense some serious falls and can send an alert text to up to five contacts.


  • Gives you security wherever you go (within Telstra mobile range). Simply wear it as a necklace or pinned to clothes.
  • Uses the national 3G mobile phone network and is not affected by the NBN rollout.

Voice calls

  • Emergency and any-time voice calls at the touch of a button.
  • SOS button triggers voice calls to up to 5 contacts in the sequence you choose.
  • Side button lets you make a call to your favourite contact without triggering an alarm.
  • Your contacts can call you via the pendant, just like a phone.

Text messages

  • SOS button triggers texts to up to 5 contacts.  Pre-configured text messages communicate the nature of the alert – SOS, falling, battery low and wandering (via geo alarm).

GPS tracking

  • Uses GPS technology so emergency texts show your location.
  • We can also set up geozones with perimeters chosen by you, which triggers an alert if the wearer wanders beyond the perimeter, or enters a particular area. Ideal for children or those with dementia.

Long battery life

  • Charges in an hour, and lasts for days.

Customised to your life

  • We configure the Safe Life to the contact list of your choice, and to alert people in the order you choose.


  • Waterproof to IP65 standard, so it can withstand heavy rain and shower splashes.

No contracts, no strings attached

  • You buy it outright: there are no lock-in contracts, no ongoing subscriptions.
  • Even the SIM is pre-paid, so you’re in charge of how much you pay.

For the worriers

I just need to know you’re OK

It’s hard not knowing, isn’t it? Not knowing if they’re OK. You find yourself imagining the worst. What if they hurt themselves and can’t reach you? What if they get lost?

Whether you’re caring for an elderly parent, someone with a disability, or a teen or tween, you just need to know they can reach you at all times, no matter what.

Be there, without being there

We know what it’s like. They don’t want you to hover and hassle them. They want to be free – free to go with they need to go, without you fussing.

Safe Life solves that problem by giving you peace of mind, while giving them independence.

It’s a mobile personal safety alarm, designed for both emergency use and casual contact.

Safe Life allows the wearer to contact you – and other contacts – at the touch of a button. No complicated technology required.

Key features for your peace of mind:

Know when they fall

Falls are a common worry, especially if you have an elderly parent. What if they fall and can’t reach the phone?

The Safe Life can detect some serious falls using advancedalgorithms. It then automatically sends alert texts to up to 5 contacts – without the wearer having to do anything at all.

One-touch SOS

With Safe Life, the wearer doesn’t have to remember passwords or key in a number to reach you. They simply press the SOS button.

This makes it easy for them to get help in the dark or in an emergency.

The SOS button instantly triggers pre-written texts and optional voice calls to selected contacts.

Just as importantly, it shows the wearer’s GPS location, so you know exactly where they are even if they can’t talk.

Prevent wandering

Safe Life allows you to keep an eye on where they are, without tracking their every move.

You can set it up to alert you when the wearer moves beyond a set boundary. This helps prevent wandering (for dementia or intellectual disability), breaking the rules (for kids) or getting lost.

Our customers use it to make sure mum or dad haven’t wandered out of the nursing home, or to make sure the kids aren’t sneaking over to the shops.

We do this by setting up geozones with Geofence Perimeter reporting. As the person in charge of the account, you can change the geozones if the address or circumstances change.

Stay connected

Easy Alert  also allows casual voice calls, just like a mobile phone on speaker phone. Anyone who has the pendant’s number can call anytime.

The wearer can also make social calls to one specified contact, so your child can call you for a chat while they’re out, or your elderly mum can call her best friend.

Roam free. Stay feisty. Be safe.

Call For Help With The Press of a Button

SOS Emergency GPS Pendant Operating on the Telstra 3G Network

The Emergency Go Anywhere Pendant With GPS Positioning will operate nationwide, providing coverage is available.

The Safe Life Pendant now comes complete with a desk top charger/docking station which can ideally be located on the bedside table.

The pendant cannot be worn in the shower as the pendant can become water damaged and as a result can render the device un-useable. It is therefore recommended to use a self adhesive hook on the outside of the shower in an easy to reach position.

Instructional videos can be seen below or click here

Other features include:
  • Water resistant to IP65 – Not recommended for shower use
  • Programmable with up to 5 contact numbers
  • Falls Detection
  • Geo Fence
  • Accurate GPS positioning
  • Length of battery life in between recharging: 52 hrs minimum
  • Overall Battery life: approx 5 yrs minimum
  • For use in the community and at home
  • Two way voice contact
  • Rechargeable battery & low battery reporting
  • Two – three days battery life
  • Easy to program & use
  • Professional monitoring available
  • Light weight
  • 61.8 mm x 44.8 mm x 17.2 mm
  • Four vibrant colours
  • Personalised out going Emergency SMS message
  • 1 year warranty




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