Ta-Da Walking Stick Chair

Key Features

  •  Instant Set Up: Easy unfold & take down in 1 second
  •  Lightweight Durability: Aviation-grade aluminum alloy material weighs less than 1kg (2.1 lbs)
  •  Robust Structure: Steady & high weight capacity that holds up to 136kg (300 lbs)
  •  Ergonomic Seating Height: 50cm (19.6″) above the ground, effortless sit down & quick get up
  •  Solid Seat: Firm seating without sinking in
  •  Versatile Use: Double as a hiking stick that takes no extra space in your backpack



8 Patented-Designs: What makes the Ta-da Chair so Exceptional?

  1. Anti-slip Rubber Feet
    – Oversize slope for anti-slip reinforcement
    – Spiral design on the bottom with anti-slip and drainage feature
  2. Seat Lock
    – The chair can be firmly folded into a walking stick
  3. Safety Buckle
    – Protection with enhanced stability
  4. Ergonomic Handle Design
    – Easy to grip with anti-slip feature
  5. Unique Handle Hook
    – Easy to store and can be hung anywhere
  6. Reinforced Stainless Steel Rim
    – Safe design for peace of mind
  7. Patented Operating Mode
    – Easy to use and takes 3 seconds to fold
  8. 3-Piece Solid & Wide Seat
    – Comfortably wrap the buttocks

Product Specializations

BrandTa-da Chair
Special FeaturesErgonomic walking stick with foldable chair
Product HeightS (82cm/ 32.2″) suitable for 150-165 cm/4’11”- 5’5″
M (87cm/ 34.2″) suitable for 165-180 cm/5’5″- 5’11”
L (92cm/ 36.2″) suitable for 180-195 cm/5’11”- 6’5″
ColorBlac, Brown, Ocean Blue, Rose Red
Item Weight0.99 kg (2.2 lbs) +/- 3%
Maximum Weight Capacity136 kg (300 lbs)
Warranty1 year
SGS50°C Environmental + Pressure Test
-20°C Environmental + Pressure Test


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