Zeta Pedal Exerciser

  • Can provide gentle exercise
  • For use on the floor or a table
  • Compact & easy to fold for travel
  • Tension adjustable to suit user
  • Flexible feet to minimise slipping
  • Unique multi-function counter

$85.00 inc GST


This Zeta Pedal Exerciser is an ideal piece of equipment for anyone recovering from a leg, arm, or shoulder injury. By gentle pedaling, the exercise at the required resistance level using either the arms or legs will help to restore muscle strength, improve coordination and increase circulation to upper and lower body areas post-accident or injury. A great way to increase your heart rate safely, and works like exercise bikes. It is often recommended for arthritis sufferers as it allows the user to keep affected areas moving in a gentle and manageable way. It also has a compact design, great to fold and take with you when you are traveling. This Zeta pedal Exerciser also has a unique multi-functional counter to count the time & calories burned. It also comes with flexible feet to minimize slipping when placing on a table or floor. The Zeta Pedal Exerciser is perfect for a workout at home. It has an LCD display to track your heart rate, calories burned, and time. The adjustable tension makes it easy to find the perfect resistance for your workout.

  • Designed for rehabilitation from a leg, arm, or shoulder injury or after surgery.
  • Adjustable tension levels make Pedal Exerciser suitable for light gentle exercise at all levels of fitness.
  • Gentle pedaling can help restore muscle strength, coordination, and circulation to both the upper and lower body.
  • Unique LCD Display multi-functional counter to count your time, calories that you have exercised.
  • Compact design, great to fold it and take it with you when you are traveling
  • Ideal for use at home or work.
  • Hook straps on foot pedals
  • Different colours available to order. (Please note that all colous may vary to reality)

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