Have you or your loved one recently suffered an injury and are now in need of crutches?

You may be quick to pop down to your local chemist and buy standard crutches. The problem with standard crutches is that after only a short time of use, they can easily cause fatigue and pain in your hands, shoulders and wrists. Long term use can potentially lead to issues such as blisters and pinched or damaged nerves. You may be left wondering what your other options are. Smart crutches are the smarter choice as they can greatly reduce most of the problems associated with standard crutches. 

Smart crutches differ from standard medical crutches as, unlike regular crutches, your body weight is distributed through your forearms rather than your hands, shoulders and wrists. This allows for more even body weight distribution, improves posture and gait, greatly reduces pain in hands, wrists and shoulders and reduces fatigue. They are fully adjustable and can be used as both platform and forearm crutches. Smart crutches would be most suitable for someone who has had a lower body injury but otherwise still has good balance, mobility and upper body strength.

Here at Able Medilink, we are a leading stockist for smart crutches in Melbourne. You can come in store to try the equipment. If you are still not sure that you want to purchase, you may wish to hire the equipment instead. That way you can test out the equipment in your own home and places you regularly go to ensure it’s right for you before buying. This is also a great option for those who only require the equipment for a limited amount of time, such as those recovering from an injury.  

If you’re not sure exactly what you can require, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you and find something that fits your needs. Click here to see our smart crutches for sale in Melbourne and all your other medical equipment needs.