Carbon Fibre Walkers – The Better Choice

There are certain times in life where rehabilitation equipment or mobility aids may be required – whether it be due to injury, disability or age. Deciding between different mobility aids can be difficult, you may be left wondering which is most suitable for you. A common piece of mobility equipment that many require with age is a walker. The problem with standard walkers is that they typically can be heavy, bulky and inconvenient. Your best alternative is a carbon fibre walker.

A carbon fibre walker is a super lightweight walker – only 5kg! It has a sturdy frame, easy to fold locking system, seat for comfortable rest and a removeable utility bag for convenience. Another superior feature of the carbon fibre walker is it’s unbreakable TPE super soft wheels that are highly durable and allow for a smooth and comfortable ride. It also folds down to 225mm, making for convenient and easy storage and transportation.

If you are looking for carbon fibre walkers in Melbourne, come in and see us at Able Medilink today. Carbon fibre walkers are best suited for those who require more support for balance, have lower levels of mobility and less upper body strength or other ailments that cause pain in joints such as arthritis. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can assist you to find what equipment suits you and your needs – you can even try out the equipment in store.

All our equipment is high quality and affordable. We offer discounts for seniors and pensioners. We are also a proud registered provider with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). If you are a NDIS participant, this is fantastic news for you as our large range of rehabilitation equipment can be fully funded by the Australian government.

For carbon fibre walkers in Melbourne, and all your other rehabilitation and mobility equipment needs, choose Able Medilink.