At Able Medlink, we see first-hand, every day, the difference that mobility aids can make in the lives of those living with disabilities. 

Passionate about supporting our customers to live with more independence, dignity and confidence, our wide range of daily living aids are intended to make your day-to-day life easier. 

If you live with a disability or have a loved one that does and is yet to explore available assistive technology, we’re here to guide you through. 

Understanding Disabilities and Their Impact 

Walking Disability

Too often, we encounter individuals who feel that they are not disabled enough to warrant the use of mobility aids or feel that using them is admitting defeat. 

There is no required level of disability to use mobility aids and absolutely zero shame in adopting their use to complete everyday tasks. 

Living with a disability, no matter its severity or perceived lack thereof can make daily routines incredibly challenging. Feelings of frustration, anger, sadness and more can all occur and significantly impact an individual’s ability to enjoy life. 

Challenges faced during everyday tasks by those with mobility limitations include:

  • Showering and toileting independently
  • Getting dressed unassisted
  • Navigating their physical environment without barriers
  • Preparing and eating meals without assistance
  • Reaching and grasping items
  • Opening doors and jars
  • Sitting and standing
  • Maintaining proper circulation and more

Ensuring optimal independent living through mobility aids can help individuals with disabilities regain a measure of control over their circumstances. 

This is vital as it supports better mental health, facilitating greater participation in and enjoyment of the everyday. 

What Is Assistive Technology?

Assistive technology simply refers to any device or equipment that works to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities.

While the name may make them sound complicated, assistive technology devices range from high-tech hearing aids all the way down to simple walking sticks. 

Assistive technology has come in leaps and bounds over the past few decades and there is continued research and development in this area. 

High-Tech Aids

Some assistive technology is considerably more high-tech than others and will usually have a higher price point attached as a result. 

Smart prosthetics, motorised wheelchairs, hearing aids, walking frames, electric scooters, adapted vehicles, and voice-to-text programs are all examples of advancements in technology in the mobility aid space.  

Low-Tech Aids

Low-tech mobility aids are often more accessible price-wise and easier to incorporate at home.

Grab rails, cups with handles, modified plates and bowls, reacher-grabbers, dressing hooks, door openers, and electric can openers are all simple, yet effective mobility aids. 

Both low and high-tech mobility aids can be combined in your home for optimal management of everyday tasks. 

The Role of Mobility Aids in Promoting Independence 

Walking with a cane

There are so many types of daily living aids or assistive technology that are available in the market today. 

Additionally, there are constant developments and revisions of existing technology also, making it easier than ever to find a solution that supports more independent living.  

Examples of how these devices can assist include:

  • Shower chairs and rails to allow for independent bathing
  • Pill organisers to give individuals more control over their medications
  • Walking frames for easier navigation of the physical environment 
  • Chefs knives with handles for unassisted food preparation 
  • Dressing hooks that support individuals to dress and undress without help
  • Rising recliner chairs for independence in standing upright from a seated position

By adopting the use of various mobility aids, individuals can gain the confidence and independence they desire in managing their own care needs. 

Not only does this assist in achieving more independent living, but it also can help to ease the level of care required from family or paid carers. 

How to Choose the Right Mobility Aid 

The right mobility aid for you is one that is based on an assessment of your individual needs and lifestyle. Selection should also take into account what you hope to manage independently and your goals surrounding this. 

The ideal place to start is by speaking with a professional in this space. If you work with a physiotherapist or occupational therapist, they will be happy to help with this and make suggestions. 

Alternately, experienced mobility aid experts, such as those at Able Medilink, can walk you through the available options and guide you towards those that are best suited. 

Able Medilink – Promoting Independent Living For All Ages & Abilities

At Able Medilink, we have been supporting our community to enjoy enhanced independence for over a decade. Our team has a background in nursing and is dedicated to matching our customers with mobility aids of the highest quality that best meet their needs. 

We understand the need for compassionate, respectful interactions and seek to empower individuals to feel confident and independent. 

No matter your age, situation or level of disability, we promise to work closely with you to determine the ideal everyday mobility aids for your home. 

We offer in-home consultations as needed to enable proper assessment of your needs and the best possible outcomes. 

Find Your Ideal Mobility Aids With Able Medilink

Everybody deserves to feel capable and confident. Whether you have been living with a disability long-term or it is newly acquired, you do not need to wholly surrender your independence. 

Embracing mobility aids and assistive technology can help you to feel more in control of your situation while also supporting your carers to better support your needs. 

No matter the task you hope to master or your goals surrounding self-care, there is a wide range of mobility aids that can help. 

If you’re ready to move towards more independent living or regain the ability to do tasks you used to manage with ease, contact Able Medilink for personalised advice and solutions.

With shipping available Australia-wide, you can shop with confidence via our online store or at our Bentleigh showroom. We are happy to consult with you in person, on the phone or even over Skype as necessary. 

Our goal is to help you reach yours, call Able Medilink today at 03 9557 9038.