Mobility Aids Melbourne

Living in Melbourne and have aging mobility equipment or have experienced changes in your mobility? You need new mobility aids Melbourne from Able Medilink. Our expert team can help you stay mobile and active.

Who Can Benefit From Mobility Aids?

Mobility aids are ideal for boosting independence, reducing pain and improving self-esteem. From arthritis, age, injury, developmental disabilities and more, mobility aids can improve quality of life.  Mobility aids support an improvement in balance and safety for those with mobility challenges. Don’t be put off living your best life due to difficulties in getting around. With the right mobility aid, you can enjoy a more fulfilled and comfortable day to day life.

There are so many types of mobility aids available, with technology improving all the time. From crutches to walkers, wheelchairs, canes and scooters. There really is a mobility aid for everyone. At Able Medilink we stock a wide variety of mobility aids, we also offer rental for long and short-term use. If your mobility aid is worse for wear and needs adjustment or repair, our experienced staff can assist with this too.

You may also benefit fro home modifications to aid in mobility. Stair lifts, ramps and handrails can be successfully used in tandem with mobility aids to further improve independence.

Why Choose AbleMedilink?

At Able Medilink we are committed to making our clients lives easier. We care about your mobility and quality of life. Our commitment to matching you with quality mobility aids is at the core of what we do. To help match you with the right solution, we offer consultations via Skype, phone and in-store. We can even come to you if needed. Not just for Melbourne, we also ship Australia wide. At Able Medilink, we’re for you.

If you require mobility aids in Melbourne or Australia wide, contact us today on 03 9557 9038.