Super Lightweight Walker

Super Lightweight Walker If you require mobility aids such as crutches or a walker in order to get around, you’ll understand just how important it is that these items are lightweight. Heavy and clunky mobility aids actually inhibit the function they are designed for and create additional challenges for the user. At Able [...]

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Walking Sticks Australia

Walking Sticks Australia If you have ever been in need of a walking stick, chances are you weren’t really sure where to go to purchase one. Able Medilink has one of the best ranges of walking sticks in Australia and they make it easy to purchase both in-store or online, with delivery offered [...]

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Shopping for Crutches Online

Shopping for Crutches Online If you require crutches, either from a recent injury or due to long-term mobility challenges, the team at Able Medilink are here to help. We understand that shopping for mobility aids such as crutches is a challenge and that having to come in-store may not be possible. That’s, why [...]

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Where to buy crutches?

Where to buy crutches? Broken leg or ankle? Sprains or joint pains in the legs? You are going to need crutches to help aid in your recovery. Not sure where to buy crutches? AbleMedilink mobility and lifestyle equipment in Bentleigh have exactly what you need. AbleMedilink are a reliable provider of rehabilitation and [...]

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