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Ready to Enhance Mobility? Take the Final Step with Confidence

Enhance Your Mobility and Reclaim Your Independence Are you ready to enhance your mobility and embrace each step with confidence? You're not alone in this transformative journey towards greater independence. Many individuals are actively seeking innovative mobility solutions tailored to their specific needs, empowering them to reclaim their freedom and live life to the [...]

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Where to Find the Best Mobility Aids Near You

Locating top-notch mobility aids nearby is crucial for improving the quality of life for individuals dealing with mobility challenges. Surprisingly, high-quality mobility solutions are more within reach than you might realize. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of finding top-rated mobility aids in Australia, ensuring you discover the perfect fit for [...]

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Why Quality Matters: Choosing the Best Mobility Aids

In the pursuit of reliable mobility aids, emphasizing the significance of quality cannot be emphasized enough. Quality mobility aids not only provide essential support but also foster independence, enhance safety measures, and contribute to an improved quality of life. Ensuring that your loved ones navigate each step with confidence commences with selecting the appropriate [...]

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Finding the Right Mobility Aid: A Comprehensive Guide

Discovering the ideal mobility aid can significantly enhance the quality of life for those with mobility challenges, offering newfound independence and confidence in every step. This comprehensive guide aims to simplify the selection process, providing you with the information needed to make an informed decision tailored to your or your loved one's needs. Whether [...]

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Realizing the Need for Mobility Aids: What’s Next?

Empowering Independence: How Mobility Aids Enhance Quality of Life Realizing the need for mobility aids is a pivotal moment that can significantly enhance the quality of life for individuals facing mobility challenges. Whether due to aging, injury, or chronic conditions, the right aid can transform daily living, offering independence and safety. High-quality mobility solutions [...]

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The Hidden Struggles of Mobility at Home You Might Not Notice

Navigating the complexities of mobility within the comfort of one's home is often overshadowed by the more visible challenges faced outdoors. Yet, the hidden struggles of mobility at home are significant, impacting the quality of life for many, particularly for the elderly, individuals with disabilities, or those recovering from surgery. How to ensure your [...]

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Navigating Indoor Spaces with a Rollator: Tips and Tricks

Navigating indoor spaces with a rollator involves unique challenges and requires specific strategies for effective mobility. Discover how to transform every room into a safe haven for rollator users, ensuring autonomy and confidence in every step. Our expert guide dives into practical tips for maneuvering through tight spaces, overcoming common obstacles, and customizing your [...]

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The Benefits of Rollators for Senior Independence

Rollators significantly enhance senior independence by improving mobility and safety. Discover how rollators are revolutionizing senior mobility, making every step safe and confident! These wheeled wonders are not merely aids; they're keys to a vibrant, active lifestyle for the elderly. This blog post will unveil the comprehensive advantages of rollators, underscoring their role in [...]

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Compact Rollators for Small Spaces and Travel

Compact rollators enhance mobility in small spaces and during travel, addressing a common challenge. Struggling to navigate tight spaces with your mobility aid? Discover the freedom of compact rollators, your perfect travel companion, designed for effortless use anywhere you go. Our comprehensive guide introduces the top choices for compact rollators, ideal for maneuvering through [...]

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The Intersection of Design and Functionality in Rollators

Exploring the intersection of design and functionality in rollators reveals a dynamic blend of aesthetics and practicality essential for enhancing mobility. Discover how modern rollators are revolutionizing mobility with style and ease, making every step a stride towards independence. This article sheds light on how designers and manufacturers are reimagining these essential devices, ensuring [...]

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Outdoor Adventures with Your Rollator: Making the Most of Mobility Aids

Maximizing outdoor enjoyment with mobility aids is not just possible; it's a reality for many. Unlock the secret to outdoor freedom with your rollator and never look back! In this blog post, we explore how rollators can transform outdoor adventures for those facing mobility challenges. Discover how to choose the perfect mobility aid for [...]

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Rollator Maintenance: Keeping Your Mobility Aid in Top Condition

Essential Rollator Maintenance for Safety and Longevity Ensuring your rollator's maintenance is crucial for optimal safety, reliability, and longevity, a principle well-understood by Able Me, Australia's leading provider of mobility aids. Located in Bentleigh, Melbourne, our showroom is the go-to destination for top-quality mobility solutions. Keep your independence rolling smoothly! Discover how simple maintaining [...]

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Supporting Families With Home Daily Living Products From Able Medilink

At Able Medilink, we recognise that finding the right products to help elderly family members and those with disabilities to live independently can be a challenge.  Ensuring our customers have access to quality home healthcare, rehabilitation and mobility care products is essential. We aim to make it easier for loved ones and carers to [...]

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Unlocking Independence With Daily Living Products For People With Disabilities

At Able Medilink, we understand the importance of quality daily living products for people with disabilities. Our wide range of products not only enhances mobility and independence but also provides safety, comfort and convenience in the home environment.  We offer a comprehensive selection of home healthcare, mobility aids and rehabilitation equipment to help you [...]

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The Benefits Of Manual Wheelchairs

If you are tossing between whether to invest in a powered wheelchair or a manual wheelchair, it may seem like the former takes the lead concerning benefits.  However, there are many benefits to opting for a manual wheelchair too. It all comes down to factors such as where you’ll be using the wheelchair, your [...]

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Exercises for Rollator Users: Staying Active and Healthy

Effective Exercises Tailored for Rollator Users Rollator users often face challenges in maintaining an active lifestyle. However, staying physically active is vital for enhancing body strength and overall well-being. This article, crafted by Able Medilink, an expert in mobility aids based in Melbourne, Australia, will delve into effective exercises tailored for rollator users. The [...]

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The Many Benefits Of Using SmartCRUTCHes

For so many of us, when we hear the word “crutches”, we might think of an old-fashioned medical device that’s more trouble than it’s worth. However, today’s crutches are remarkably different from the bulky, awkward models of yesteryear. Today, crutches are sleek, lightweight and easy to use offering a host of benefits for people [...]

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How The DAYS 2-in-1 Transit Rollator Can Help You Live A More Independent Life

Maintaining your independence is important at any age. Whether you’re aged 8 to 80 or beyond, mobility aids can help to facilitate important freedoms. Freedoms that boost your confidence and ensure you are properly and safely supported through all your daily activities.  From lift chairs to walking sticks, wheelchairs, rollators and more, there are [...]

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Walking Stick With Seat For Sale

Do you use a walking cane or other mobility aid aimed at making walking both easier and safer? Wishing there was an option that provided extra comfort for those longer distances or days out? If so, a walking stick with a folding seat may be the ideal solution.  At Able Medilink, we stock a [...]

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Rollator Offers Melbourne

In the market for a new rollator or preparing to enhance your mobility through the purchase of your first one? At Able Medilink, Melbourne’s top supplier of mobility aids, we stock a vast range of rollators, walking frames, seat walkers, walking sticks and more. Our genuine, dedicated approach to improving the independence and mobility [...]

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Community Resources and Support for Rollator Users

Navigating the World of Rollators: Your Comprehensive Guide to Community Resources and Support Rollators, often known as wheeled walkers, are more than just mobility aids; they are a gateway to independence and an enhanced quality of life for many Australians. At Able Medilink, located conveniently in Bentleigh, Melbourne, we understand the multifaceted needs of [...]

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The Evolution of Rollators: From Basic Walkers to Modern Solutions

The Evolution of Rollators: A Comprehensive Guide Rollators, a vital mobility aid, have transformed significantly from basic walkers to sophisticated solutions, offering enhanced support and independence to many. This guide delves into the evolution of rollators, providing insights into their history, types, and benefits, and offering advice on choosing and using them effectively. The [...]

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Walking Sticks in Australia 2022

If you have a balance or other mobility issue, then a walking stick can help provide the independence and confidence you need to enjoy everyday life. Ensuring you are matched with the correct type of walking stick that has been adjusted to suit your height is essential. At Able Medilink, we understand the value [...]

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Walking Sticks Australia 2022

If you have mobility issues, whether complex or mild, a walking stick can make all the difference. This year, why not prioritise your mobility and independence by finding the right walking stick for you. At Able Medilink, this process is made simple by experienced and friendly staff, plenty of shopping options, and a huge [...]

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Able Hire Service Melbourne

For anybody who needs mobility or lifestyle equipment, either temporarily or long term, a reliable supplier can make all the difference. Because these products play such an important role in many people’s lives, they should be high quality, affordable, and come from a trusted company. With the help of a caring rehabilitation and healthcare equipment [...]

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Walker Rollator Sale Melbourne

If your mobility concerns a struggle to walk unaided over large distances while also frequently needing to rest, a walker or rollator could be the solution. If a walking stick still leaves you feeling inadequately supported or lacking in confidence Able Medilnks range of mobility seat walkers are here to change that. A rollator [...]

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Walking Stick – Buy Online Australia

If you require the use of a mobility aid such as a walking stick you need to know it is designed for comfort, safety and durability. At Able Medilink, we understand how important your independence is and that using a walking stick can be as commonplace as wearing glasses. This is why we offer [...]

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Mobility Aids for Sale Online

Are you seeking quality mobility aids for sale online but struggling to find a reputable store? At Able Medilink, we sell a wide range of mobility aids of superior quality designed to enhance the independence of everyday Australians. Forget overpriced, poor quality mobility aids that cause pain and discomfort, shopping with Able Medilink means [...]

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Smart Crutches Australia Online

If you use crutches and personal comfort and mobility are important to you, you need smart crutches. Crutches are incredibly effective at enhancing independence and mobility and with practice make everyday tasks such as ascending or descending stairs a breeze. However, not all crutches are created equal and many brands can cause pain, discomfort [...]

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Escape4 Walker

The most comfortable go-anywhere, do-anything walker, walking frame we’ve ever made. From indoors to outdoors, it’s smooth handling every step of the way. Escape 4 has perfected the balance between lightness and strength. It’s ready to take on the most challenging environments, while still being easy to fold and lift in and out of a [...]

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Shower Foot Scrubber

If you have an injury or mobility challenge that makes scrubbing or washing your feet effectively difficult, you need a shower foot scrubber. This ingenious device makes it easy to scrub your feet while showering without ever having to bend or twist awkwardly. What Is A Shower Foot Scrubber A shower foot [...]

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Over Toilet frame Melbourne

Toileting with mobility issues can be somewhat of an embarrassing or taboo topic. The reality is, we all need to use the bathroom and supporting those with mobility issues to do this independently is so important. This is why at Able Medilink we supply a range of personal care equipment such as over the [...]

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Raven Threshold Ramp

Do you use a walker or wheelchair and still struggle with accessibility in your home? Frequently dealing with single steps and small ledges that are not easily navigable? The raven threshold ramp could be the solution you have been looking for. What Is A Raven Threshold Ramp? Just like us, Freedom Mobility’s [...]

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Freedom Mobility

At Able Medlink, we are dedicated to improving the lives and independence of our customers. One of the ways in which we ensure our products are long lasting and of optimal quality is to only engage with great suppliers. One of these trusted suppliers is Freedom Mobility Scooters. Why We Work With Freedom [...]

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Freedom Mobility Aids

Do you use mobility aids or are thinking you may need to? Freedom mobility aids can improve your mobility and make it easier to handle day to day tasks. The goal of all mobility aids is to improve the comfort and independence of the individual using them. There is increasingly adaptive and intelligent technology [...]

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Crutches for sale

Are you looking for crutches for sale? Whether for short term use or ongoing, Able Medilink in Bentleigh has a wide range of crutches to suit your needs. Types Of Crutches Depending on your injury or mobility needs, you will be suited to a particular type of crutches. There are three main kinds of [...]

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Crutches Hire Melbourne

Have you experienced a sudden injury and need to find crutches for hire in Melbourne? How do you know which ones are right for you? What if they’re poorly maintained and exacerbate  your injury? For quality crutches hire in Melbourne, you need Able Medilink. Types Of Crutches Depending on the type of injury you have [...]

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Where to buy Crutches Melbourne

Are your crutches worse for wear and need replacing? Do you have an unexpected injury and need to source crutches? Knowing where to buy crutches in Melbourne can be difficult. Contacting Able Medilink in Bentleigh can ensure you find comfortable crutches and exceptional customer service. Types Of Crutches There are three main types of crutches [...]

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Carbon Fibre Walker

If you have challenges with your mobility and use a walker, you’ll know that not all walkers are made equal. Far from making your life easier, the wrong walker can actually make it harder to move around. So what is the ideal walker/rollator and what should you be looking for? The answers can all be [...]

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Smart Mobility Crutches

Smart mobility crutches are the most versatile and intelligent solution for those in need of quality crutches. You may not have been aware that there are multiple options for crutches, including axillary, forearm, and gutter crutches. The right ones for you will depend on how long you need them and the nature of your situation. [...]

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Where To Buy Crutches

If you have injured your ankle, broken your leg, or live with ongoing mobility challenges, you are likely needing crutches. Knowing where to buy quality crutches whether for short-term or long-term use, can be difficult. Thankfully Able Medilink makes buying crutches easy. Types Of Crutches There are in fact different types of crutches, the kind [...]

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Crutches for Sale Melbourne

Whether from a sports injury or unexpected twisted ankle, crutches can be a lifesaver for restoring mobility. Finding crutches when needed can be a hassle, and with limited mobility, the last thing you need is to be shopping around. If you’re looking for crutches for sale in Melbourne however, then Able Medilink makes it easy. [...]

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The Best Crutches for Sale Near Me

When you’ve suffered a leg injury or need a lightweight, unobtrusive walking aid to help you keep mobile, Able Medilink have the range and experience to fit you with the perfect pair of crutches. If you’ve used crutches before, you may have a preference (such as forearm crutches instead of underarm crutches), but when you [...]

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How To Find Crutches For Hire In Melbourne

If you’re in the recovery process but not yet ready to put weight back on your legs, you may only need short-term access to mobility equipment. At Able Medilink, we understand that differently-abled people have different requirements, and you shouldn’t have to buy something if it’s more cost-effective to rent for the short term. [...]

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Where to buy crutches in Melbourne

It’s common to need crutches after an injury, as they redistribute weight from your legs after a break or sprain. However, some people simply prefer them as a walking aid of choice for long-term conditions, such as chronic joint pain. Whatever the issue, if you don’t have impaired upper body strength and would like some [...]

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The benefits of a Carbon Fibre Walker

Whether it’s a natural result of the aging process, or an unrelated condition which affects your mobility, walkers are an immensely helpful tool for anyone who has difficulty getting about on their own. If you have pain that prevents you from bearing weight on your legs, require support for balance, or do not have the [...]

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Mobility Aids Melbourne

Mobility Aids Melbourne Living in Melbourne and have aging mobility equipment or have experienced changes in your mobility? You need new mobility aids Melbourne from Able Medilink. Our expert team can help you stay mobile and active. Who Can Benefit From Mobility Aids? Mobility aids are ideal for boosting [...]

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