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We are still OPEN and continuing to provide you all with the best customer service and products as we always have!

Please note that no mask no entry to our showroom.

In times like these, health is of utmost importance – we are strictly ensuring that our staff, equipment, products and showroom are kept clean, sanitised and safe at all times!

  • We are adhering to and encouraging social distancing protocols and other recommended hygiene practices
  • Only healthy staff are allowed to work and provide assistance to you
  • Sanitiser is available at all times for customers and staff
  • To help our customers – offering Free Shipping on all orders over $100 and a Same Day Delivery Service in the Melbourne Metro area – Learn More

Our general business operations remain unchanged and if you have any questions, please phone us
on 03 9557 9038.

We wish you the best of health and thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards,
Able Medilink

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Bentleigh Showroom

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Complete Sleeprrr Pillow for Neck Pain

Complete Sleeprrr Pillow for Neck Pain Finding the perfect pillow is almost impossible. Too hard, too soft, too high, too flat. The search is made even more complicated when you have issues with your neck and back. Repeated bad nights sleep due to an uncomfortable pillow can lead to pain and serious [...]

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Lift Able Stairs

Lift Able Stairs Loss of mobility is never easy to adapt to and can cause much stress and frustration. Being able to navigate your own home comfortably and safely is paramount. At Able Medilink we are committed to supporting our client’s independence and ability to enjoy their own home. One of the [...]

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Stair Lift Accessories

Stair Lift Accessories Stairlifts are a fantastic addition to any home where the occupants require additional support in navigating stairs. Initially designed to safely carry an individual up and down stairs, both indoors and outdoors, stairlifts now also come with accessories to make them more versatile. At Able Medilink, we are [...]

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Forearm Crutches For Sale

Forearm Crutches For Sale If you have ever had to use crutches, you will know how uncomfortable they can be. Did you know that they don’t have to be? The caring staff at Able Medilink are knowledgable and trained to ensure your rehabilitation and mobility aids are both functional and comfortable. [...]

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Super Lightweight Walker

Super Lightweight Walker If you require mobility aids such as crutches or a walker in order to get around, you’ll understand just how important it is that these items are lightweight. Heavy and clunky mobility aids actually inhibit the function they are designed for and create additional challenges for the user. At Able [...]

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Walking Sticks Australia

Walking Sticks Australia If you have ever been in need of a walking stick, chances are you weren’t really sure where to go to purchase one. Able Medilink has one of the best ranges of walking sticks in Australia and they make it easy to purchase both in-store or online, with delivery offered [...]

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Shopping for Crutches Online

Shopping for Crutches Online If you require crutches, either from a recent injury or due to long-term mobility challenges, the team at Able Medilink are here to help. We understand that shopping for mobility aids such as crutches is a challenge and that having to come in-store may not be possible. That’s, why [...]

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Where to buy crutches?

Where to buy crutches? Broken leg or ankle? Sprains or joint pains in the legs? You are going to need crutches to help aid in your recovery. Not sure where to buy crutches? AbleMedilink mobility and lifestyle equipment in Bentleigh have exactly what you need. AbleMedilink are a reliable provider of rehabilitation and [...]

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