If you have injured your ankle, broken your leg, or live with ongoing mobility challenges, you are likely needing crutches. Knowing where to buy quality crutches whether for short-term or long-term use, can be difficult. Thankfully Able Medilink makes buying crutches easy.

Types Of Crutches

There are in fact different types of crutches, the kind you need will vary depending on your injury, age, or mobility concerns.

Underarm/Axilla Crutches – Can be easier to manoeuvre they are best for short-term use, however they often promote a hunched posture. Placed around 5cms below the underarm, they are moved using the handpiece.

Forearm/Loftstrand Crutches – Encourage a more upright posture, better for long-term use, but can take more time to master their use. They feature an upright forearm cuff and hand bards for manoeuvrability.

Gutter Crutches –  Offer padded forearm support with the elbows at a 90-degree angle and upright handle. These are best used by those needing reduced weight-bearing, such as those with rheumatoid disease.

Crutches should be made of lightweight, easily sanitised aluminium and should always be measured and adjusted to suit the user.

Why Shop With Us?

With over a decade of experience, we are passionate about improving your mobility and making life easier. To this end, we offer online shopping, in-home or phone consults and Skype consults. As well as in-store support for those in the Bentleigh area.

We also offer shipping Australia wide, so you can access our great range no matter where you are located.  Should you only need to hire crutches, rather than purchase, we offer this service too. All our rental equipment is fully sanitised, measured and fitted to ensure your safety and comfort.

Need any advice about where to buy crutches, how to rent them, or which kind is right for your needs? Contact us on 03 9557 9038 or shop our online store today.