• This Standard Over Toilet Frame is manufactured from powder coated corrosion resistant galvanized steel tubing the frame is designed to increase the height of the toilet seat as well as providing armrests to push up from when transferring.
  • This Raised Toilet seat with Arms comes with a white plastic moulded design, which secures easily to toilet using the existing toilet seat attachment holes located at the rear of the suite. This Raised Toilet seat with Arms is designed to assist users to lower onto and rise from the toilet by increasing toilet seat height.
  • This Anti Spill Urinal Bottle has a large capacity that is virtually "spill proof" and reducing odor problems. This Urinal Bottle Will not leak once urine is in the storage compartment. It's easy to empty, perfect for bedside or use in a vehicle. This Urinal Bottle can be hung on to a walker or wheelchair. The opaque design allows discreet use and urine in the unit is not visible. This Urinal bottle can be used while seated or standing.
  • This Medpro Sitz Bath fits most standard toilet bowls. Edges are slightly contoured to assure comfort. Made from durable plastic.
  • A lightweight bottom wiper with a looped handle, angled shaft and moulded plastic end. Toilet paper is wound around the plastic end and secured into serrated edge. It is designed for frontal use.
  • Raised Toilet Seat

    Ergonomic moulded Raised toilet seat comes with a white plastic, its design to secures easily to toilets, increasing the height of the toilet seat assisting users to lower onto and rise from the toilet.
  • The AquaSense® Fixed Toilet Frame make it safer and easier to get on and off the toilet, is aesthetically nice and extremely easy to assemble.
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    Economical bedside Commode chair comes with a powder coated steel with padded blue pvc upholstery. The padded top seat can be removed, the armrest also can be detached for side transfer.
  • This Foldable Over Toilet Frame or Commode is designed with a lightweight Aluminium Construction, It comes with a pearl white paint finish. This Foldable Over Toilet Frame or Commode can be easyly Fold away for storage and has a easy Clean hygienic seat and lid, it also has a multi slot Legs for uneven floors. This Foldable Over Toilet Frame or Commode has a high grade rubber feet, with rust free fittings, it also comes with splash guard, toilet pan and lid.
  • Commode Pan and Lid , Designed to fit into Standard over Toilet Frame.
  • This Male Urinal Bottle is designed to help prevent spills, it has a sturdy grip for easy handling. This Male Urinal Bottle is a lightweight, durable and easy to clean and disinfect. It can be used in several positions by bed ridden patients. This Male Urinal Bottle is a translucent bottle, which you could see measurement markings and measure liquid quantity. This male urinal bottle comes with a Lid attached to the bottle.
  • This Toilet Safety Frame Free Standing is made from sturdy powder coated steel, the frame is designed to surround the toilet thereby providing supports when transferring both on and off the toilet. This Toilet Safety Frame Free Standing has a height adjustable arms ensure that this support frame can be used by patients of all sizes and is perfect for either domestic or institutional use.
  • This MedPro Inflatable rubber invalid Ring is convenient for home, car or workplace. This invalid ring allows you to sit comfortably for long periods of time. Inflation level can be adjusted to maximize comfort and the open center helps distribute weight evenly. Made from heavy duty rubber with a metal air release valve.
  • This Urinal Bottle Holder has a wire nylon coated holding device , its designed to fit onto the side of your bed.
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    The Delta T14 Folding Commode is a simple to use over toilet frame with bucket. It can easily be placed over an existing toilet to aid in sitting and standing. The Delta Commode folds easily for travel or storage.
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    Home Care Commode

    $159.00 $139.00
    This home Care commode is a convenient and safer toilet alternative for persons with reduced mobility. Also use for support over a toilet or as a raised toilet seat.
  • This Splash Guard is designed to direct waste directly into the Toilet bowl and required if customer requires product to be used as a commode.
  • This Female Urinal bottle is ideal for patients with limited mobility. Made from durable plastic, it is easy to use and clean.
  • This conventional bedpan’s contoured shape provides added comfort. Made from durable plastic, it’s easy to clean and maintain. Retail packaging.
  • This MedPro Fracture Bedpan is Ideal for the immobile patient, this bedpan has a tapered end for easier placement. This MedPro Fracture Bedpan also has a plastic guard to prevent spills and a built-in handles for easier placement and removal.
  • Redgum Brand All New Space Saver Toilet Seat Raiser.
  • Use without handles for maximum space and easy access. Use one handle for easy lateral access and a secure grip. Use both handles for more security and support getting up and down. Note: Only fits toilets with a 4.5-5cm thick inside rim.
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    This Transport Commode shower Chair comes with a pearl whited powered coated light weight aluminium frame. the armrest of this Transport Commode shower chair can be flipped down. This Transport Commode shower Chair also comes with a secure fitted backed and lid, perfect for showers.
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    Deluxe Commode

    $400.00 $379.00
    This fully upholstered adjustable height commode is designed to be discreet and stylish. Generally used within the bedroom environment. Complete with hinged seat, back, arms and skirt, to conceal the commode pan.