Forearm Crutches For Sale

If you have ever had to use crutches, you will know how uncomfortable they can be. Did you know that they don’t have to be? The caring staff at Able Medilink are knowledgable and trained to ensure your rehabilitation and mobility aids are both functional and comfortable.

Aren’t All Crutches The Same?

When you think of crutches, you probably think of uncomfortable Axila (under-arm) crutches that leave the user hunched over. This can lead to compression of the radial nerve – a condition known as ‘crutch palsy’. The more comfortable, and safer choice is forearm crutches. Axila crutches are also heavier, more awkward to use and often painful under the arm.

Forearm crutches, also known as Lofstrand, elbow or Canadian crutches, are lighter and encourage better posture. Generally, forearm crutches are recommended for anyone needing to use crutches in the longer-term.

Why Choose Forearm Crutches

Forearm crutches can require a little more of your upper body strength to master, but provide you with much better mobility. There is no pressure under the arm or against the body. Additionally, their smaller size means easier movement, even on stairs and in small spaces. If you are looking for forearm crutches for sale, Able Medilink have a huge range of competitively priced options. With both second-hand and new forearm crutches for sale, we are sure to have the perfect fit for you.

Our friendly experts can help you select the right forearm crutches and adjust them to be their most comfortable. If you are in need of crutches for short or long term rehabilitation, visit us in-store or online today.

Alternately, call us on 03 9557 9038 or arrange an easy skype-consult. We are committed to making your life easier with every interaction.