Super Lightweight Walker

If you require mobility aids such as crutches or a walker in order to get around, you’ll understand just how important it is that these items are lightweight. Heavy and clunky mobility aids actually inhibit the function they are designed for and create additional challenges for the user. At Able Medilink, we stock super lightweight walkers for this reason. Our goal is to make our clients lives easier.

Aren’t All Walkers The Same?

While walkers all look similar and are intended for the same purpose, they are not all created equal. A great walker should be lightweight, easily collapsible, manoeuvrable and functional. Heavy walkers can seem more durable and stable, however, with a quality light-weight walker, you are just as safe. A lightweight walker makes changes in footpath heights, stairs, doorways, public transport and more are all a breeze. When it comes time to pack it down to go in a car or put away till next use, there is less chance of an injury to your back from lifting a heavy and clumsy walker.

We Make It Easier Than Ever

At Able Medilink, we are committed to improving the mobility and ease with which our clients manage their day-to-day. To this end, we offer a range of purchasing and hiring options. You can come to see our friendly experts in-store, or consult with us over the phone or via Skype. If you know what you’re after already, our online store makes selection, purchase and delivery straightforward and simple. For short term needs, we offer a handy hire service with fully serviced and sanitised equipment. Need help adjusting your walker or feel it isn’t quite right? We can support you with that too.

If you’re in the market for a super lightweight walker, contact us at Able Medilink today on 03 9557 9038.