Lift Able Stairs

Loss of mobility is never easy to adapt to and can cause much stress and frustration. Being able to navigate your own home comfortably and safely is paramount. At Able Medilink we are committed to supporting our client’s independence and ability to enjoy their own home. One of the best ways to make your home easily navigable is a lift able stairlift.

Make Your Stairs A Breeze

If you have mobility issues and live in a home with stairs, don’t struggle or feel that you need to move house. With a stairlift in your home, you can have access with ease. Stairlifts can handle short and long flights of stairs as well as curved stairs. They come with safe and comfortable seats and a host of accessories such as arms and baskets to allow you to take anything along for the ride with you.

Whether you have a narrow staircase, multiple flights or tricky curve or corner, our experts will be able to match the right solution to your home. Staircase outdoors? We also have a solution that is weatherproof, so you can enjoy your garden or navigate the entrance to your property with ease.

Expert Advice And Quality

Installing a lift able stairlift in your home requires careful research and planning. They represent an investment both financially and in your quality of life. By working alongside the caring and expert staff at Able Medilink you’re assured of a smooth process from initial enquiry all the way through to installation and aftercare.

We can arrange a consult over the phone, via skype or in-home, our goal is to make your experience as easy as possible.

Enquire online, by phone or in-store with us and enjoy the freedom of a stairlift in your home today. Simply call 03 9557 9038.