Complete Sleeprrr Pillow for Neck Pain

Finding the perfect pillow is almost impossible. Too hard, too soft, too high, too flat. The search is made even more complicated when you have issues with your neck and back. Repeated bad nights sleep due to an uncomfortable pillow can lead to pain and serious struggles in your day to day life. A supportive pillow such as the Complete Sleeprrr offers a potential solution for those needing a firm support for their neck and cervical spine. At Able Medilink

What Is The Complete Sleeprrr?

Adjustable, contoured and supportive, the Complete Sleeprrr is designed to promote better sleep. It does this by ensuring your back and neck is adequately supported while laying down. The deluxe memory foam cushion supports the natural contour of your spine and maintains this while you sleep. Reducing strain on your muscles and ligaments.

Unlike a traditional pillow that can sink and collapse during use, the Complete Sleeprrr stays in shape and supportive night after night. As an Australian made product, you can be assured of its quality and longevity.

Why Choose A Complete Sleeprrr Pillow?

There are some great reasons to switch to a Complete Sleeprrr pillow, such as:

  • High and low side so you can swap the pillows orientation to suit.
  • Encourages correct spinal alignment.
  • Removable foam core pieces to allow adjustment of the density.
  • Textured foam surface encourages airflow and better temperature control.
  • Supports your airways to stay more open, which can help reduce snoring and benefit asthma sufferers to breathe easier.

If you’re struggling with poor sleep and neck pain, consider changing your pillow to the Complete Sleeprrr. At Able Medilink, we stock the full range of Complete Sleeprrr pillows and can help you find the right fit. Contact our experts today, in-store, online or via phone on 03 9557 9038.