If you have challenges with your mobility and use a walker, you’ll know that not all walkers are made equal. Far from making your life easier, the wrong walker can actually make it harder to move around. So what is the ideal walker/rollator and what should you be looking for? The answers can all be found in a carbon fibre walker.

What To Look For In A Walker

There are three main kinds of walkers:

  1. Standard walker, no wheels and needs to be lifted forward before each step.
  2. Similar to a standard walker, but with wheels on the front.
  3. Four or three-wheeled walker/rollator. These are more stable than a two-wheeled  walker and often include a built-in seat and hand breaks.

A great walker/rollator needs to offer a few key aspects in order for it to improve your mobility. It should be:

  • Easily maneuverable
  • Lightweight
  • Strong
  • Easily storable/collapsible
  • Compact in size and shape
  • Height adjustable
  • Able to be modified with accessories as needed

The Aspire Vogue Carbon Fibre Super Lightweight Walker / Rollator ticks all these boxes and more.

Able Medilink, Your Mobility Specialists

At Able Medilink, we stock a wide variety of walkers and rollators, including the Aspire Vogue Carbon Fibre Walker. Our friendly team can help you determine if this walker is the right fit for you or if another option may be more suitable.

We ensure every walker is adjusted perfectly to its user, allowing optimal mobility and safety. Our full catalogue of walkers can be viewed in-store or online, with delivery offered Australia wide on all our products.

Not looking to buy a walker? Hoping to rent one in the short-term, Able Medilink can help with that too. All our rental equipment is thoroughly safety checked and sanitised before hiring.

Contact AbleMedilink today on 03 9557 9038 and find your perfect walker.