Are your crutches worse for wear and need replacing? Do you have an unexpected injury and need to source crutches? Knowing where to buy crutches in Melbourne can be difficult. Contacting Able Medilink in Bentleigh can ensure you find comfortable crutches and exceptional customer service.

Types Of Crutches

There are three main types of crutches to choose from, the ones you will find most comfortable will depend on your situation.

  1. Underarm or axillary crutches, best for short term use, they are easiest for those who have never had crutches before. However, underarm crutches are known to lead to poor posture.
  2. Forearm crutches, better for long term use, they can take a little longer to learn how to use. They promote better posture and maneuverability.
  3. Gutter crutches, ideal for those with arthritic conditions, gutter crutches distribute weight through the forearms.

Modern crutches come in a variety of colours and tend to be made from lightweight titanium. They are able to be fully adjusted to ensure ease of use and maximum comfort.

Why Choose Able Medilink?

At Able Medilink, we are committed to ensuring the comfort and mobility of all our patients. Our skilled and compassionate approach puts customers at ease and ensures you are matched with the best crutches for your needs. Not located nearby? We can consult via phone or skype to make things easier. Should you know what you need and just want to organise the purchase, our online store is fully stocked and we ship Australia wide.

Not wanting to buy crutches for short term use? We also offer a range of quality mobility equipment including crutches for hire. All hired items are thoroughly cleaned and serviced before being fitted, ensuring optimal comfort.


Where to buy crutches in Melbourne? Able Medilink, visit us in-store, online or call us today on 03 9557 9038.