Are you looking for crutches for sale? Whether for short term use or ongoing, Able Medilink in Bentleigh has a wide range of crutches to suit your needs.

Types Of Crutches

Depending on your injury or mobility needs, you will be suited to a particular type of crutches.

There are three main kinds of crutches:

  • Axilla or underarm crutches, best suited for short term use, these crutches are inexpensive and easy to use. They can, however, promote poor posture.
  • Forearm crutches can take a little more time to master but are best for long term use. They promote a more correct posture.
  • Gutter crutches, suited for those with arthritis or wrist issues, they are a derivative of forearm crutches.

The experienced staff at Able Medilink can help you determine which are the best type of crutches for you. They can also ensure they are properly adjusted and fitted to your body to avoid strain or further injury.

How Much Do Crutches Cost

The cost of crutches will vary depending on several factors. The type, the brand, the material they are made of, special features, and whether they are new or second-hand. If crutches are a mainstay in your life and contribute to your ongoing mobility, it is worth investing in quality crutches.

Lightweight titanium forearm crutches are optimal for long-term daily use and come in a wide variety of colours to suit your personality.

At Able Medilink, we stock a range of crutches both in-store and online, to suit every budget. Should you only need crutches in the short term, we also offer crutches for hire. With every pair being hygienically cleaned and serviced after use for your safety.

If you want access to a range of quality crutches at competitive prices, visit us online, in-store or call today on 03 9557 9038.