Have you experienced a sudden injury and need to find crutches for hire in Melbourne? How do you know which ones are right for you? What if they’re poorly maintained and exacerbate  your injury? For quality crutches hire in Melbourne, you need Able Medilink.

Types Of Crutches

Depending on the type of injury you have and the duration you require crutches for, the type you hire will be different. There are three main types of crutches:

Axilla or underarm crutch – positioned around 5cms below the underarm, these crutches are designed to have your weight distributed through your arms to the axila bar or handpiece. They are good for short term use and take little practice to master, they can cause issues with posture however.

Forearm or elbow crutch – These crutches feature a forearm cuff and handgrip, they allow for better posture, but require more practice to use well. They are best suited for longer term use.

Gutter crutches – These crutches allow you to balance your weight through your forearms in a padded horizontal cuff. They are ideal for those who have injuries or difficulties with arthritis  in their hands.

Why Choose Us

At Able Medilink, we offer a wide range of crutches for hire in Melbourne. All our crutches are expertly maintained and serviced as well as being hygienically cleaned. Our friendly and professional team can match you with the correct type of crutch for your situation and adjust them to suit. Ensuring you are as comfortable as possible while using them.

Should you prefer to buy crutches, we also have a wide range of crutches for sale, both online or in our Bentleigh showroom. Should you live interstate, we offer Australia wide shipping.

For quality crutches for hire in Melbourne, contact Able Medilink today on 03 9557 9038.