If you have an injury or mobility challenge that makes scrubbing or washing your feet effectively difficult, you need a shower foot scrubber. This ingenious device makes it easy to scrub your feet while showering without ever having to bend or twist awkwardly.

What Is A Shower Foot Scrubber

A shower foot scrubber is a shoe-like scrubbing brush that suctions onto your shower floor. The bristles are positioned inside the slip-on sandal to easily clean in-between the toes, arch, heel, sides & top of your foot. Designed in Scandinavia, this clever invention also gives your feet a relaxing massage during use.

The scrubber is made of durable materials that are durable and impervious to water. Making it a hygienic and convenient way to keep your feet clean, while improving circulation and helping you feel relaxed. There is zero need to stretch or bend to use the shower foot scrubber, using it is as easy as putting on a pair of slippers. Simply add your choice of body wash or soap and scrub away.

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