Walking sticks are so often associated with old age and the mobility challenges that come with aging. However, walking sticks, including those with seats, are far from being an exclusive mobility aid for the elderly. 

Able to assist with the balance and stability needs of individuals of all ages, these walking aids can be a fantastic tool for enhancing independence and confidence. 

If you’ve ever considered buying a walking stick for yourself or a loved one with mobility challenges, then this guide can help you on your way to finding the right fit. 

Why Use A Walking Stick?

There are several reasons people use walking sticks. Some may need additional support following a disabling injury or increase in body weight, while others may simply feel more confident in using one as their upper body strength is poor. 

There are no right or wrong reasons why anyone should use a walking stick. They are incredibly beneficial in helping to reduce the risk of falls while also supporting those with mobility concerns to regain their confidence in independently navigating everyday life. 

Walking Sticks With Seats

While most of us are quite familiar with standard walking canes and walking sticks, in this guide we’re going to focus more on their lesser-known counterparts, walking sticks with seats.  

These sticks work just the same as a standard walking stick in that they have a handle and foot and support your balance as you walk. Where they differ is that they feature an additional two legs which fold out to support a small seat. 

The body weight of the user is supported by these three legs creating a tripod-type stool that allows the user to rest and recuperate comfortably and safely at any time. 

Benefits Of Walking Sticks With Seats

So why opt for a walking stick with a seat over other types of walking sticks? All walking sticks deliver the same capacity for improved mobility and independence, but this type delivers some added benefits including:

  • Providing a comfortable seat when needed
  • Allowing the user to go further as they can rest
  • Reduces the risk of falls
  • Suitable for all ages and fitness levels
  • Allows users to experience more as they are not limited to areas with seating
  • Versatile and lightweight

Different Types Of Walking Sticks With Seats

Wondering what to look for in a walking stick with a seat? They aren’t all made the same so it is important to do your research and ensure the one you choose best meets your needs and lifestyle. 

Folding Walking Sticks With Seats

This option will suit most users and offers a collapsible mechanism for the legs that reduces the size of the walking stick for easier transportation and use. The folding mechanism allows the seat to be flattened against the walking stick and secures the additional legs safely while walking. 

Adjustable Walking Sticks With Seats

Ideal for those who need easy height adjustment of their walking stick, this option allows for easy lowering or raising of the leg height and chair height as a result. This is particularly handy if the user is a child that is still growing or if the chair needs to be adjusted for use at an outdoor venue. 

Additional Factors To Consider 

Height And Weight Capacity

You must carefully review the height of the stick and whether it is adjustable, a stick that is too short or too tall can actually impede pepper balance and make you very uncomfortable. 

Weight should be factored into choosing the right walking stick with a seat for your needs as for safety reasons it must be able to support your weight properly. Most will support up to 100kg but there are options available for heavier users too.  

Material And Durability

Look for a walking stick with a seat that utilises strong yet lightweight materials such as aluminium that can withstand consistent usage without breaking or wearing out quickly. 

Comfort And Ease Of Use

Due to the added support legs and seating, a walking stick with a seat is naturally heavier than a standard walking stick. Be sure to practice walking around with the stick and see if you find it comfortable to use with the added weight.

You should also check how easy it is to convert into a seat and whether this is something you can accomplish safely on your own. At Able Medilink, we are more than happy to have you practice with a few options and find one that feels right. 

Cost And Budget

Think about how much you are willing to spend and whether this will cover the look and features you’re hoping to have on your walking stick with a seat. This style can be as little as $50 each all the way into the hundreds. 

Speak With The Experts 

At Able Medilink, we are passionate about supporting you to find the correct mobility aid for your needs. We have a wide range of walking sticks with seats, walking sticks, canes and mobility scooters to choose from. 

We encourage you to visit our Bentleigh showroom or speak with our team on 03 9557 9038 today and find the ideal mobility aids for your needs.