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smartCRUTCH™ – Best crutches for long term use!

The smartCRUTCH is patented modular design which distributes your body weight through your forearm, releasing pressure and pain from your hands, wrists, underarms and shoulders

Innovation | Comfort | Affordability | Independence | Freedom | Fully adjustable, it can be used comfortably as both a platform or forearm crutch.

smartCRUTCH ™ is a fully adjustable crutch that has been designed by a patient who was subjected to a protracted convalescence following an achilles rupture then a re-rupture following conservative treatment in a plaster cast. The morbidity and discomfort the patient experienced on conventional crutches, led the patient to design the smart CRUTCH ™.

An assessor trialled the Smart CRUTCH ™ during a 7-week convalescence following knee surgery that required partial weight bearing, he used the smart CRUTCH ™ to travel to the UK, traveling both by air and rail while also using public transport for a period of 4 weeks, all with ease when compared with the traditional crutches.

New Type Of Crutches
Demo for Non-Weight Bearing Use

smart CRUTCH ™ is the alternative forearm weight bearing crutches for easy everyday use and offers the user a quality of life and tremendous comfort with fully adjustable weight bearing settings, and feet, which mold to the undulating ground surface.

Spending time on crutches is stressful and demanding on the everyday life-style. No one needs the pain, frustration and discomfort of traditional crutches.

The smart CRUTCH ™ team has developed a new vibrant and exciting generation of crutch with the user’s lifestyle in mind.

The revolutionary new ergonomic design transforms your quality of life and offers unprecedented comfort.

Ergonomically designed grips provide natural wrist angle and an even load across the palm
15 to 90 degree forearmplatform settings to meet personal comfort and mobility requirements
Locking spine allows for secure rotational angle settings
3-point forearm length settings for additional customisation
10-position push-pin height adjustment (Height range is between 4’8″ to 6’7″)
Hourglass-shaped foot design maximizes surface contact
Shock absorption built into the design of the specialised ferrule and cuff memory foam
Transfer of weight to forearms result in less fatigued injury prevention
Less pressure on hands reduces pain, discomfort or blistering
Mitigates the potential of pinched or damaged nerves.
Improves posture and gait resulting in less pain or fatigue.
Allows freedom of hands while still providing support.
Easier to navigate while ascending stairs.
A variety of colours to suit personal style.
smart CRUTCH Specifications & Limitations

The smart CRUTCH ™ allows pressure distribution for maximum comfort with a six-fold reduction in pressure per square centimetre (0.5kg/cm2) in the average male.

The smart CRUTCH ™ distributes the weight over as large a surface area as possible, thereby providing much less strain on the hands and wrists.

Weight of Single Crutch: 990 grams
Packaging Size: 82 cm x 22 cm x 13 cm
Crutch Leg Minimum Height Adjustment: 80 cm
Crutch Leg Maximum Height Adjustment: 120 cm
Weight Limitation: 120 kg
Adjustment Increments: 30 mm
Forearm Adjustment Range: 27 cm to 36 cm
Outside Diameter of lower pole: 21.6 mm
Inside Diameter of upper pole: 22.16 mm

smart CRUTCH is your assisted means for your Mobility and Freedom

Whether you are recovering from a short term or long term injury, or suffer from mobility issues as a result any of;

  • Guillain Barre Syndrome,
  • Multiple Sclerosis,
  • Hip or knee replacement,
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis,
  • Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome,
  • Osteo–Arthritis,
  • Permanent Users,
  • Achilles Tendon injuries,
  • Broken Lower limbs, fractures or injuries.

smart CRUTCH’s are really for you!

They are by far the most comfortable forearm crutches on the market; and they look really cool, plus smart Crutch’s are available in a range of colours.

The unique design of smart CRUTCH ™ enables you to spread your weight over the whole of your forearm which releases the pressure and pain from under the arms, the hands and wrists.

The versatility of smart CRUTCH ™ is truly amazing!
smart CRUTCH is engineered with Robust and durable materials, only weighing 990 grams per crutch.
It’s ergonomic handgrips are designed to suit the natural wrist and hand positions in a neutral state on both the Left and Right hand smart CRUTCH.
The adjustable forearm brace allows individual setting to suite ones own comfort requirements.
The forearm platform is supplied with a layer of Memory foam for maximum comfort.
The adjustable leg length allows for your required height.
The crutch ferrules are unique in design, allowing the rubber to angulate in all directions during weight transfer to the ground. The crutch ferrules ensures horizontal adherence of the non-skid flat tread to the ground at all times.
smart CRUTCH Specifications and Design
Forearm platform foam padding – Memory Foam for long lasting comfort.
Pressure reduced by up to six times per square centimeter (0.5kg/cm2).
Hourglass-shaped crutch ferrules design, maximizes surface contact.
Adjustment Range of the forearm: 270 mm to 300 mm.
Forearm length settings: 3 increments.
Forearm platform adjusted from 15° to a 90°.
Height adjustment: 10 positions.
Adult Size Range 1.524 meters – 1.930 meters (Adult Size Range 5’ – 6’4”).
Height Adjustment standard leg: Maximum: 120cm.
Height Adjustment standard leg: Minimum: 80 cm.
Weight Bearing Limitation – 120 Kg.
Crutch weight (single crutch) – 990 grams.
Conventional Axillary Crutches

Pressure on axilla (armpit)

  • Discomfort.
  • Pain.
  • Nerve Impingement or Damage.

Wrist strain

  • Discomfort.
  • Pain & inflammation.
  • Damage to joints.

Pressure on palms of hands

  • Excessive pressure causing blistering/callusing.

Requires the ability to grip

  • Use limitation.

Shock transmitted through the body with every step

  • No effective suspension mechanism to minimize the effect of jolts.
smart CRUTCH ® Modular Design

Allows even weight distribution for maximum comfort

  • Maximizes comfort through even distribution on hands, wrists and forearms.
  • Spreads load over larger surface area minimizing pressure.
  • Fully adjustable to meet personal comfort and mobility requirements.

Ergonomically design grips

  • Enhances comfort and maximizes load displacement.
  • Grips are offset 7° to ensure stability and comfort.
  • Specifically designed left and right hand grips.

Fully adjustable, modular design

  • User variation and customization.
  • 3 point forearm length settings.
  • Hourglass-shaped foot maximizes surface contact.
smartCRUTCH™ Design

smart CRUTCH Specifications and Design
Forearm platform angle adjustable from 22.5° to a 90°.
Height adjustment: 10 positions.
Forearm platform foam padding – Memory Foam for long lasting comfort.
Pressure reduced by up to six times per square centimeter (0.5kg/cm2).
Hourglass-shaped crutch ferrule design, maximises surface contact.
Weight of Single Crutch520 grams (1.15 lbs)900 grams (1.98 lbs)910 grams (2.00 lbs)
Cuff Length / Forearm Range15 – 21 cm21 – 24 cm24 – 30 cm
Circumference Of Cuff25 cm32 cm or 29 cm with WCP and 27.5 cm with WCP & Velcro Strap fitted32 cm or 29 cm with WCP and 27.5 cm with WCP & Velcro Strap fitted
Height Range127 – 160 cm (4’2″ – 5’2″)143 – 178 cm (4’7″ – 5’8″)168 – 200 cm (5’5″ – 6’6″)
Elbow Height Range at 90° angle setting71 – 94 cm76 – 109 cm96 – 129 cm
User Weight Limit – NON Weight Bearing Use (used to swing through)50 kgs100 kgs100 kgs
User Weight Limit – Weight Bearing Use (for stability & Balance)65 kgs120 kgs120 kgs