If you use crutches and personal comfort and mobility are important to you, you need smart crutches. Crutches are incredibly effective at enhancing independence and mobility and with practice make everyday tasks such as ascending or descending stairs a breeze. However, not all crutches are created equal and many brands can cause pain, discomfort or blistering in users.

It is possible to find and use crutches without these types of issues and enjoy your mobility and freedom. With the right research, support from professionals and proper adjustment, your crutches can be the perfect fit. Unsure how to choose and what constitutes great crutches? Read on to learn all about the

Types of Crutches

When choosing crutches, it is important to consider why you need them and how long you need them for as this will help you select the right pair. There are three main types of crutches:

Axilla crutches – Also known as underarm crutches, axillSydneya crutches are awkward to use and can be very uncomfortable. They are not recommended for long-term use.

Forearm crutches – Also known as lofstrand, Canadian or elbow crutches, these crutches are most commonly favoured by long-term crutch users. Forearm crutches take some time to master but offer the best in comfort and mobility.

Gutter crutches – Also known as forearm support crutches or elbow crutches, these crutches are used in patients who need to reduce pressure on their joints such as rheumatoid arthritis.

The value of Smart Crutches is that they can double as both forearm and gutter crutches thanks to their ingenious design. As per Smart Crutch:

“SmartCRUTCH’s patented modular design distributes your body weight over your forearm, releasing pressure and pain from your hands, wrists and shoulders.”

Why Choose Smart Crutches?

Smart Crutches patented modular design distributes your body weight over your forearm releasing pressure, making them one of the most comfortable options available. They also:

  • Are fully adjustable.
  • Offer a natural wrist angle to reduce strain.
  • Have ergonomically designed grips to provide a natural wrist position.
  • Provide specially designed left and right-hand crutches offset at 7 degrees for
  • Feature secure cuffs for maximum stability that are padded for your comfort.
  • 3-point forearm length settings and other settings for additional customisation.
  • Can be a platform or forearm crutch. Can be adjusted to Offer 90 forearm platform settings to meet your needs.
  • Feature a unique hourglass-shaped foot design that maximizes surface contact for ultimate stability.
  • Have a locking spline that allows for secure rotational angle settings.
  • Are lightweight and come in a wide range of colours so you can show your personality or coordinate with your favourite outfit.

The highly adjustable and customisable nature of smart crutches means that you can adjust the settings to meet personal comfort and height requirements with ease. Living with mobility challenges is hard enough without added issues and pain from your hand’s wrists and shoulders due to poor quality crutches.

It is important to choose crutches that ease pressure on hands and reduce pain, discomfort and risk of blisters. Choosing great crutches, such as Smart Crutches is an investment in your everyday comfort and mobility requirements. Smart Crutches are incredibly durable and will last for years when used correctly. For added peace of mind, they are completely FDA approved and sold all over the globe as a world-class mobility aid.

Why Choose Us?

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We understand it is not always easy or convenient to visit us in-store, this is why we offer Skype and phone consults when required. Our range, one of the widest in Australia, is also available for perusal and purchase online, with shipping offered Australia wide.

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