Are you seeking quality mobility aids for sale online but struggling to find a reputable store? At Able Medilink, we sell a wide range of mobility aids of superior quality designed to enhance the independence of everyday Australians. Forget overpriced, poor quality mobility aids that cause pain and discomfort, shopping with Able Medilink means buying tried and tested products that you can trust.

Whether you have a short-term need or long-term challenges, our friendly team can support you to regain your mobility and feel empowered to complete everyday tasks with ease.

Mobility Aids We Stock

At Able Medilink we understand the importance of making everyday tasks simplified and achievable. We are passionate about supporting individuals to live well and enjoy their freedom to the fullest extent.  As such, we stock a comprehensive range of mobility aids including:

  • Walking aids such as crutches, walkers, canes/walking sticks, rollators etc.
  • Living aids such as shower chairs, grab rails, jar openers, reaching aids, swivel seats etc.
  • Comfort items such as support pillows, compression stockings, hip protectors and more.

We treat all our customers with genuine care, compassion and respect. We understand the shame or discomfort many feel when shopping for mobility aids and work to help them overcome this and regain their independence.

We carefully select all our stock to ensure it is both practical, functional and above all easy and comfortable to use. You should never need to compromise your comfort while seeking better mobility.

Why Choose Us?

Our staff have decades of combined experience in matching customers with the ideal mobility aid solution. We offer the choice to rent or buy certain items and offer a quality guarantee for your peace of mind. Should you not live nearby or need assistance to make a selection, we have a comprehensive online store and offer fuss-free Skype consultations.

With shipping offered Australia wide, we’ve made it possible for all Australians to benefit from our wide range of quality mobility aids. Our aftercare and servicing options for scooters and wheelchairs make it easier than ever to care for your items and improve their longevity. Ensuring you are never without your much-needed mobility aids.

To learn more or seek support in finding the right mobility aid for your needs, contact the friendly team at Able Medilink today on 03 9557 9038.