If your mobility concerns a struggle to walk unaided over large distances while also frequently needing to rest, a walker or rollator could be the solution. If a walking stick still leaves you feeling inadequately supported or lacking in confidence Able Medilnks range of mobility seat walkers are here to change that.

A rollator can provide the user with all-new levels of endurance and independence for undertaking all-day adventures. Providing optimal support with built-in storage and seating, a rollator delivers ideal assistance. Perfect for those needing more help than a walking stick can provide and who are not yet in need of a wheelchair.

For walker rollator sales in Melbourne, Able Medi Link are the experts you need. Our experienced team are passionate about enhancing the independence and mobility of our clients and work closely with them to achieve this. We offer competitively priced, high-quality rollators and mobility products for delivery Australia wide.

What Is A Rollator?

A rollator looks similar to a walker but is different in that it has three or four wheels. This enables it to be pushed along without the need to be repeatedly lifted and place down with each step. Rollators allow for a faster pace than walkers and have hand-operated brakes for safety reasons. They can be used both indoors and outdoors

Benefits Of Rollators include:

  • Reduces the strain and exhaustion associated with lifting a walker.
  • Allows for more rapid movement.
  • Heightened safety due to the presence of hand brakes.
  • Lightweight, compact design thanks to an aluminium frame.
  • The presence of a padded, built-in seat, backrest and storage basket.
  • All-terrain wheels, which make them suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Types Of Rollators

There are a few types of rollators to select from, but all will share the same basic features such as a lightweight aluminium frame, hand brakes and wheels.

The main differences you can expect to see are the number of wheels, (three or four-wheeled), whether there is a storage basket or seat, how easily they collapse and what they weigh. The lightest available rollators on the market weigh in at around 6kg, however, this may mean no basket or seat is incorporated into the design.

A three-wheel rollator tends to be slightly narrower than a four-wheel. For this reason, they are often favoured for use in homes and at aged care facilities as they can be more easily navigated through doorways. Indoor rollators will often exclude a seat and backrest and offer a tray rest in its place, making it easy to carry a plate of food or a drink with you.

If easy storage or transportation of your rollator is required, we recommend selecting one that can be collapsed sideways rather than flat. This makes it easier to place behind doorways when not in use as well as being safer to unload and unfold from a vehicle.

When Can I Use A Rollator?

A rollator is suitable for many clients with mobility issues, whether this is due to advancing age, illness or disability. They are ideal for anyone who has mobility concerns that are not yet advanced enough to require the use of a wheelchair. Rollators offer optimal balance and stability and allow for more rapid movements than a walker.

Should you have good control of your legs, but upper body weakness, a rollator is ideal as you do not need to lift it to use it and can still gain the benefits of enhanced stability. Keep in mind however that curbs, uneven terrain pr similar may still require you to be able to lift your rollator. Anyone using a rollator must have adequate strength in your hands however as you need to be able to safely operate the hand brakes.

If an individual cannot bear weight on either leg as a result of surgery or their disability, a rollator is not recommended. In these instances, a non-wheeled walker is preferred as the individual has more control over the pace and the walker cannot suddenly move out from under them.

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Are Rollators Safe?

Yes, so long as your rollator is used in accordance with the safety directions and is appropriate for your level of mobility, there should be no concerns regarding its safety. As with any wheeled apparatus, it should be used with a degree of caution around stairs, hills, train platforms or similar.

You should never use or purchase a rollator that does not have hand breaks fitted. Just as with a wheelchair, hand brakes should be maintained and regularly checked to ensure they are working properly. Wheels should be cleaned and oiled as required also to avoid jamming and deliver the smoothest possible glide.

Should be unsure if your current roller is meeting the necessary safety standards for use, please speak with our team. We happily arrange inspections, servicing and repairs or replacement of faulty equipment as needed.

What Do Rollators Cost?

The cost of a rollator will largely depend on its features, they can cost anywhere between 200-700 dollars or more. More expensive rollators tend to be heavier duty models that offer additional features such as the ability to be used almost like a wheelchair or fold down to an incredibly compact size.

Features To Look For:
When looking for the ideal rolling walker or rollator it is best to ensure it incorporates:

  • Easy to use hand brakes that do not require significant strength to operate and can be locked if needed.
  • A lightweight aluminium frame, when walkers are lightweight they are much easier to maneuver.
  • A simple fold mechanism for easy transportation and storage.
  • A built-in padded seat and backrest to make finding a rest stop easy at all times.
  • Height adjustable options.
  • Silicone hand grips for comfort.
  • The correct wheels for the intended use, small smooth wheels will suit indoor use, for outdoors a texture, solid wheel of larger size is preferable.

Why Shop With Us?

At Able Medilink our range of seat walkers and rollators has been carefully selected to provide you with the very best in mobility rollator options. Our team of friendly experts are highly skilled at matching clients with the ideal mobility equipment for their situation. Our goal is to ensure that you are gaining maximum benefit from your mobility device, whether this is a walking stick, walker, rollator, mobility scooter and more.

We offer comprehensive assessment and advice regarding the best fit for your needs either in our Bentleigh showroom, via phone consult or even over a Zoom or Skype consult. Should you know exactly what you need, you can also order via our website which features the same extensive range as our showroom. At competitive prices and available for Australia wide shipping, Able Medilink makes securing the ideal mobility walker a breeze.

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