If you have mobility issues, whether complex or mild, a walking stick can make all the difference. This year, why not prioritise your mobility and independence by finding the right walking stick for you.

At Able Medilink, this process is made simple by experienced and friendly staff, plenty of shopping options, and a huge variety of different walking sticks for different needs.

Find options with accessories to make life easier, and styles to suit your personality. With Able Medilink, your walking stick doesn’t have to be a burden, it can be a life-changing tool and even a fashion statement. Below are examples of some of the products you can find at ablemedilink.com.au, or in the Bentleigh showroom.

Walking Sticks Australia 2022

Classic T shape handle walking sticks

Made from aluminium, these straight walking sticks come in a range of colours and patterns. They feature push button height adjustment in one inch increments, a soft rubber handle that conforms to your hand, and non-slip rubber tips. They are very affordable, simple, and secure.

Quad base walking sticks

The four rubber-tipped feet on this style of walking stick offer extra stability for those who may worry about falling. They can be used by the left or right hand due to their rotatable handle. With a 28 by 17 cm base, the balance afforded by their weight distribution can be the perfect solution for those who are less steady on their feet, but may not require the extra help of a walking frame. Quad bases are also available in larger versions for added sturdiness.

Crooked quad walking sticks

These canes combine the stability of a quad base, with the convenience of a standing aid. As the name suggests, the handle is crooked in an S shape, with a second handle grip to support users in lifting themselves from a sitting position. Although it supports the user’s weight when standing, it is still made from lightweight aluminium and is very easy to handle.

Folding walking sticks

There are lots of options for folding walking sticks, including different grip styles, colours, and finishes. Perhaps the best benefit of these folding options is their convenience, allowing for super easy transport and storage. For those who only need mobility aids occasionally, or would like a more discreet option for certain outings, folding walking sticks are wonderfully handy.

Other options and accessories

After more than a decade of specialising with mobility assistance in the community, Able Medilink know that having lots of options can make shopping for these products a much more personalised experience.

When you shop for walking sticks this year, feel like you are expanding your sense of freedom with options to complement your personality and lifestyle. Other handle styles include wooden handles, crook handles, and swan neck handles for all needs and comfort levels. You can also find walking sticks with inbuilt seats, walking stick holders, palm grips, wrist straps, and even reflective patches for low visibility environments.

How can Able Medilink help?

If you’re overwhelmed by the amount of options and you’re not sure which kind of walking stick is for you, never fear. Able Medilink is an NDIS registered provider with friendly, knowledgeable staff who always prioritise the comfort of their customers. They recognise that you may not be able to visit the Bentleigh store and check out these options yourself, so they’re more than happy to consult over the phone, skype, or in-home.

Speak to a respectful team who are fluent in English, Chinese, and Russian. Receive fast shipping or pick up, and try or hire products before purchase if required. Simply call 03 9557 9038 to make 2022 as convenient and comfortable as possible!