If you have a balance or other mobility issue, then a walking stick can help provide the independence and confidence you need to enjoy everyday life. Ensuring you are matched with the correct type of walking stick that has been adjusted to suit your height is essential.

At Able Medilink, we understand the value of providing quality mobility aids such as walking sticks and supporting our clients to enjoy renewed comfort and freedom.

Who Can Benefit From Using A Walking Stick?

A walking stick is for anyone who is concerned that they may fall or frequently stumble due to balance issues or pain in the hips and knees. Walking sticks offer additional support and can help to ease the pressure on the lower back, hips and knees while also promoting better posture.

Better posture encourages the strengthening of back muscles which can, in turn, facilitate better overall movement with reduced discomfort.

Types Of Walking Sticks

Walking Sticks in Australia 2022

Depending on your level of mobility and personal style there are a few types of walking sticks to choose from.

Finding the correct style and type of walking stick for your circumstances is important. Using the incorrect height or style of a walking stick can impair your mobility further and cause significant discomfort.

What To Look For In A Walking Stick

When choosing a walking stick there are a few major points to consider before settling on the correct one.


The correct height in a walking stick is that which ensures you can remain upright with an ideal posture. When a walking stick is too short it will cause you to hunch over, too tall and it will be unable to provide adequate support.

Many modern walking sticks offer height adjustment as one of their features, making it easier to modify your preferred stick to the correct height.


Style refers largely to the handle type and foot/feet of the walking stick. If you have significant balance issues or require optimal support, a tripod or quad walking stick may be the best style.

For some, a swan neck walking stick is ideal as the shape of the handle offsets the user’s weight placing it directly over the foot of the stick for better stability. Want the option to rest as you go? A walking stick with a built-in seat may be the style for you.


A heavy, clunky walking stick is only going to further inhibit your mobility. Opting for a lightweight walking stick that is capable of supporting your weight is the best choice.


Far from detracting from your appearance, walking sticks are increasingly available in a wide range of colours, patterns and materials. Show off your personal flair and enjoy your walking stick as an accessory that adds to your outfit.

Why Shop With Us?

At Able Medlink, we have years of experience supporting customers to find the right mobility aid for their needs. From walking sticks to walkers, rollators, scooters and more we have the knowledge and skill required to match you with the right equipment from your first visit.

We offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of mobility equipment in Australia which is not only available at our store, but for shipping Australia wide. Should you wish to consult with our team, we welcome in-store visits while also making phone and Skype consults available where preferred.

The team at Able Medilink are committed to helping our clients regain and maintain their mobility without compromising on comfort. For assistance finding your ideal walking stick or any other mobility equipment, contact Able Medilink today on 03 9557 9038.