At Able Medilink, we understand the importance of quality daily living products for people with disabilities. Our wide range of products not only enhances mobility and independence but also provides safety, comfort and convenience in the home environment. 

We offer a comprehensive selection of home healthcare, mobility aids and rehabilitation equipment to help you live your best life. Paired with our genuine and expert advice, we aim to make it easier for those in need to find the right assistive living aids and enjoy greater independence as a result. 

What Are Daily Living Aids? 

Daily living aids are tools designed to make performing everyday tasks easier. This can be in the form of something that makes getting dressed easier to do without assistance, a simple addition to a door handle to make opening it easier, cups with double handles and mobility equipment.

Any item that seeks to enhance the independence of the user by making it safer and easier to accomplish something by themselves can be considered a daily living aid. They can have a significantly positive impact on the user by boosting their confidence and allowing them to live more independently.

They can be used by those living with long-term disabilities and mobility issues. Which living aids are suited to your needs will depend on the level of mobility you have and which tasks you’d like help with. 

Benefits of Daily Living Products

Wondering how aids for daily living can benefit the user? There are several benefits, including but not limited to:

Increased Independence And Freedom

Being able to safely perform basic tasks without asking for assistance is a huge boost to anyone’s confidence. It can also help to reduce the frustration felt by those struggling with their mobility. 

Enhanced Safety In The Home Environment

For anyone with mobility issues or anyone living with an individual with mobility issues, safety is always an ongoing concern. 

Specially designed daily living products can assist individuals to perform everyday tasks independently without compromising their safety or that of those around them. 

Improved Quality Of Life

Whether you are a child or an adult, having to constantly ask for assistance with everyday tasks can be incredibly frustrating and is not conducive to having great self-confidence. Daily living aids can help to overcome these concerns and as a result improve the quality of life of those living with mobility issues or a disability. 

Ability To Perform Everyday Tasks With Greater Ease

If there’s a simpler way to do things, it simply makes sense to do it that way, right? There is no point in struggling unnecessarily with everyday tasks when our range of independent living aid can simplify the process. 

Providing Comfort And Convenience

Perhaps one of the least thought-about benefits of aids for daily living is that they support a more comfortable, convenient lifestyle. You are at less risk of hurting yourself by struggling to complete a task and can perform these tasks much more quickly as well. 

The Range of Products Available

At Able Medilink, we offer a range of products in our daily living range that is designed to help you regain your independence. 

Our daily living product range includes mobility aids such as:

  • Wheelchairs
  • Walking frames and lift chairs
  • Rehabilitation equipment including body supports and orthopedic braces
  • Home healthcare items such as patient lifts and transfer boards

We also stock a variety of other products to support people with disabilities with everyday tasks. Little things with big impacts such as sock aids, door knob grips, dressing aids, reaching aids, two-handed cups and mugs, tap turners, button hooks and so much more. 

Can’t Find Something Or Unsure What You Need? 

The team at Able Medilink are passionate about supporting clients to find what they need or making suggestions for how to help them enjoy enhanced independence. 

If for any reason we do not stock an item you are after or need guidance about additional living aids that could be useful for your circumstances, we are more than happy to help find what you need.  

The Team You Can Trust

At Able Medilink, we are committed to providing high-quality daily living products to help you remain independent and enjoy your life. Our comprehensive range of products is designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities, offering safe, easy-to-use options that seek to simplify everyday tasks. 

With easy shopping available both via our Bentleigh showroom or online, we also offer shipping Australia-wide so you can easily access the items you need. Should you prefer, we can also consult over a video call. Whatever we can do to make life that bit easier and support you to feel more independent, we’re happy to do it! 

To get started, simply call our team on 03 9557 9038 or visit our online store