As we get older, we naturally start to lose strength in our hands or become less steady on our feet. Rather than feel frustrated by this or feel the need to have extra support available, some of these changes can be managed through the use of daily living aids. 

If maintaining independent living is important to you or your loved one, then Able Medilink is here to help. We offer a wide range of products designed to make day-to-day tasks simpler for older adults with limited mobility.  

What Are Daily Living Products?

Daily living products or daily living aids are clever tools that are designed to make the performance of common daily activities both easier and safer for the user. 

Examples of daily living products include:

  • Reacher grabbers
  • Shower chairs
  • Toilet seat support frames
  • Electric can openers
  • Step stools
  • Swivel seats
  • Sock aids
  • Door knob grips
  • Tap turners
  • Mugs with handles and more. 

There are so many different types of daily living aids and new ones are always being added to our online store. If you struggle with a particular task in your daily life, it is worthwhile checking whether there is a daily living aid that can support you in this. 

Why Use them? 

Ultimately the addition of any daily living aid can work to make life easier for those either living at home or within care facilities. 

For family members that are worried about aging family members being able to manage tasks alone, daily living aids can help give them valued peace of mind. Not only do daily living aids make many tasks easier to perform, but they also add a measure of safety to senior living. 

Items such as reacher grabbers can reduce fall risks as they eliminate the need to bend over to pick things up. Likewise, shower rails or toilet frames make it easier for seniors to perform personal care tasks independently which can be a vital step in retaining their dignity and self-esteem. 

Even dreaded arthritis that can make gripping and turning doorknobs or jars lids difficult can be better managed through living aids. 

Who Can Use Daily Living Aids? 

Daily living aids can be used by individuals of all ages, not only the elderly living alone or in care homes. No matter your age or abilities, daily living aids serve to overcome everyday challenges, however, they are particularly useful in senior living where there is a gradual decline in the ability to manage everyday activities independently. 

How Long Can You Use These Aids For?

Long-term use of daily living aids is perfectly acceptable and makes it easier for the elderly to maintain their independence and confidence. The majority of daily living aids are designed to be used consistently for years on end without issue. 

Their intelligent design and quality construction make them a great investment in improving daily life for older adults. 

How To Choose The Right Daily Living Product For Your Needs

So how do you know which daily living product is right for you? While some may seem obvious, such as a reacher grabber or button hook, you may find through consultation with our expert team that there are some great additions that can further improve your ability to complete a variety of other day-to-day jobs. 

Some daily living aids offer additional functionality and may be able to assist you with more than one task. Determining exactly what tasks you would like to simplify or perform independently can help you select the correct product or products for your needs. 

Considerations When Selecting A Product

Before purchasing your new daily living aids, we recommend considering the available space in your home. 

How much space do you have for the chosen item or items? While some daily living aids are small and can easily fit in a drawer or cupboard, others such as shower seats or pedal exercisers are going to need quite a bit of space.

We suggest always measuring available space before making a final decision and looking into collapsible items where needed in shared spaces such as bathrooms. 

Tips On Finding The Right Product For You

At Able Medilink, we are committed to ensuring you find the right daily living product to meet your needs. To do this we suggest:

Review Your Day-to-day

Before going shopping for daily living aids, think about your everyday routine. Try to pinpoint specific areas where you struggle to complete tasks without support. This can help you narrow down the right items and determine if the addition of one of these aids is necessary. 

Chat With Professionals

If you are currently working with an occupational therapist or physio as a means of improving your mobility, check with them regarding what aids they feel could be beneficial to your circumstances.

Ask For Demonstrations

You don’t have to buy an item without seeing it in action. Before purchasing, don’t be shy to ask for a demonstration of how an item works or ask to practice using it yourself to get a feel for it. This not only ensures you get the right item but saves you from spending on items that may not quite fit the bill. 

Chat With Us

With years of experience in the mobility and lifestyle equipment industry, we have extensive knowledge regarding daily living aids and their use. We are more than happy to work through your needs and make suggestions or recommendations regarding types of aids and different brands. 

 Quality Rehabilitation and Mobility Care Solutions For Elderly People

We recognise that getting older and losing your independence is a challenging time. Our teams offer respectful, discrete service that prioritises the comfort of our clients at all times. 

Our goal is to support you to achieve the necessary level of independence you need to live the life you desire. Whether this is to help you to continue living alone as long as possible or to reduce your reliance on others in a care home situation, we’re here to help. 

All of our range is of the highest quality and has been tested to meet rigorous safety standards. No matter your needs, we’re sure to have a solution. If for any reason we do not have what you need in stock, we will source and order these items as a priority. 

Our range of daily living products is accessible to view online or via our Bentleigh showroom. 

Why Able Medilink?

With a wealth of suppliers of daily living aids to choose from, you may be wondering why shop with us.  Put simply the level of customer service and support from Able Medilink is unmatched. 

We genuinely care about the unique needs and circumstances of each of our clients and treat them as individuals. It is this targeted and expert approach that sets us apart. 

We want to support our elderly clients to feel confident and empowered in their everyday lives and focused on what they can do rather than what they can’t. Through consultation with us, many of our elderly clients find a renewed zest for life and satisfaction in knowing they have the best daily living aids for their situation. 

With Able Medilink, you are guaranteed to find the right product at the right price with zero compromises on quality or service. 

We offer in-store consultations as well as consultations over the phone or via Skype as needed. Our shipping is available Australia-wide and at highly competitive rates – even for larger items being sent to remote areas. 

Call us today on 03 9557 9038 to learn more.